The Energetic Holidays

Podkarpacka Foundation for the Development of Culture with the support of PGE Obrót S.A. would like kindly invite all children in the age from 5 to 11  for the wonderful energetic adventure in the following days 4-29.08.2014!


Profesor Doświadczalski (EN: The Experiment's Professor), Ekoludek (EN: Ecoludek), Energoludek (EN: Energy-ludek) and others, will prove that science and fun go together.

In program it's been predicted: Photographic, sports classes, concerning electricity, environmental protection, emergency telephone and emergency services, as well as physics and chemistry.


Classes will be conducted in the form of educational games, experiences, experiments, educational videos,  movement and team games, which will certainly provide great fun, lots of laughter and pleasure derived from science.


For participants it's been also predicted the trip to the Museum of the Subcarpathian Energy in Rzeszow,  to the magic place, that so far could has been seen by a few people. There are unique souvenirs that go back to the beginnings of subcarpathian energy.


A participation in classes is free of charge!


A gathering is just on August 4, at 9:00 a.m. at the Foundation's headquarters by 3 maja 15/3 Street in Sanok.


You are warmly all welcomed!